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Jennifer Kline
Napa Valley, CA


Enjoy Mandala Paintings, Baskets, Riding the Waves of Joy CD, Edible Gardening Lifestyle

Gardening Lifestyle

Gardening Lifestyle

It all started with Grandma Giacomazzi and her prune and apricot farm.  After drying and selling most of the fruit, I was taught to use all extra fruit to make jam, can and make pies.  I recently discovered that my Grandfather Kline, who was an avid gardener, was responsible for starting the farmer’s markets in San Francisco. When I moved to Napa, I started my own small farm and currently have about 80 fruit trees on 1/3 of an acre of land.  Not only has the design and function of our garden been an ongoing art project, but cooking, preserving and making up recipes has provided hours of creativity and enjoyment for our family.  

I began Jenn’s Food For The Soul when our daughter was in grade school.  The school’s farmers market was the first test and the community loved our jams, jellies and chutneys.  Today, I continue to make it up as I go along, producing new combinations for cooking, serving to friends and eating right out of the jar.  

The garden also provides spaces to rest, beauty to behold, and photos to enjoy.  I consider the garden to be a large canvas that will never truly be complete. Please enjoy the photos of our garden and check out the blog for recipes and more.