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Jennifer Kline
Napa Valley, CA


Enjoy Mandala Paintings, Baskets, Riding the Waves of Joy CD, Edible Gardening Lifestyle




Weaving a basket allows me to stay present in the moment, breathe and create something that is both useful and beautiful.  I have been making pine needle baskets for over 30 years.  My work has been informed by Native American potters in New Mexico and First Nations Baleen basket weavers. My blackened pine needle baskets showcase another great love of mine—shells.  I collect shells in my travels and am in awe of the beauty and perfect geometric structure of each shell.  Through collecting the materials for my baskets, I have come to appreciate the bounty of nature hidden in a particular beach on Kauai or in pine trees growing in San Diego.  In the last decade I have explored basket weaving styles of Colonial Americans; weaving market and egg baskets using reed.  I have begun using other natural materials like cedar bark, vines and grasses and also enjoy using hand dyed materials.

Please enjoy these baskets and feel free to contact me regarding teaching or  purchasing my work for your collection.