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Jennifer Kline
Napa Valley, CA


Enjoy Mandala Paintings, Baskets, Riding the Waves of Joy CD, Edible Gardening Lifestyle


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About Jennifer


Jennifer Kline is a mandala painter, basket weaver, kirtan singer, and gardening enthusiast from Napa, California. Jennifer has been painting mandalas for 13 years, basketweaving for 35 years, and practicing kirtan since 1998. She maintains a full edible garden and uses the produce grown there to create a medley of jams, sauces and canned goods.  She views her artistic pursuits as one of her main spiritual practices, drawing on her background as a chiropractor, spiritual healer, scientific researcher and, most of all, a mother.  Jennifer has a BS in nutrition from UC Berkeley (‘80), a Doctorate of Chiropractic from Palmer West (‘87) and has worked as a chiropractor, past-life regressionist and art teacher.  She has had three solo art shows in Napa, California at ABC Bakery, Bombay Bistro, and Hair Sanctuary.  Her art has also been featured in several group shows, including those at Markham Cellars (2001), Esalen (2004), and Connections (2004).  Jennifer recently released a chanting CD called Riding the Waves of Joy with her daughter, Camille. Accompanying the CD is a booklet featuring nine of Jennifer’s mandala paintings and insights about the use of chanting for healing purposes. 

This site is intended for Jennifer to share her insight and talents in art, music, and gardening with anyone interested in what she has to offer. She hopes to encourage curiosity and creative exploration through the images and blogs on her site.