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Jennifer Kline
Napa Valley, CA


Enjoy Mandala Paintings, Baskets, Riding the Waves of Joy CD, Edible Gardening Lifestyle

Everywhere I Look I See Mandalas.jpg



The cultivation and expression of my creativity has been the cornerstone of joy in my life. I embrace the concept that Art is a Spiritual Practice.  As I have been living this philosophy, I realize that the idea of Art permeates beyond convention.  For me, Life is Art.  This website is intended to inspire and push the envelope surrounding our ideas about how creativity yields art in its many forms. Artistic expression can play a part in all that we do when we open ourselves to the idea that there is artistic potential in everything, even the mundane daily tasks. 

My great joy is to share my art in order to awaken excitement and creativity in myself and in others.  From paintings, to woven baskets, music, and a gardening lifestyle, including cooking and canning; I hope there is something of interest here to inspire and brighten your day.